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Supermarkets are excellent at marketing themselves and their products. The question is, how much of the supermarket wine is suitable for vegans? We asked this question in 2012 and repeated our survey in 2014. Thankfully times have changed and we should applaud them for all the progress they have made – we will publish a new survey soon.

Total surveyed


%age Vegan


ALDI   We could not find any vegan wines online at Aldi
ASDABad labelling or no vegan wines at ASDA?
All wines1<1%
LidlLidl online not found
Marks & SpencerA shame M & S vegan wines not easy to find.
Individually checked301033%
MorrisonsVegetarian wines labelled, not vegan wines.
All wines 585 Nil Nil
SainsburysA shame Sainsbury’s vegan wines not easy to find.
Individually checked 50 7 14%
TescoBad labeling or no vegan wines at Tesco?
All red wines




All white wines




All rose wines71NilNil
WaitroseSelect as vegetarian and then search individually.
All wines40615%
 Co-op By all accounts one of the best selections in-store but not online.

Vegan Wine Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA, M & S, Co-op supermarkets

Supermarkets and Vegan Wines

Supermarkets – Online

We checked out what vegan wines supermarkets offer online. This was done in June 2014, using their own websites. We fully acknowledge the information may change day by day and that the samples taken are a bit crude, but then if the supermarket websites can not be bothered to make it easy for vegans why should we give them credit.  We would welcome your comments or the supermarkets themselves if it is felt that any of the information presented is inaccurate. Once we receive any requests concerning the statistics we will review the supermarket websites again and if appropriate amend this page.

Vegan wine is easier to find on some supermarket websites than others. Disappointingly, both the Sainsbury and Marks & Spencers websites continue to require you to check each wine individually. Sainsbury does include a special dietary section but this rarely contains much more than the wine contains sulphites or sulphur: all wine does to a certain extent – so not that helpful. On Morrisons’ the labeling is clearer and you do not need to click through to the individual wine. Using Tesco, Asda and Waitrose you can select by wine types including vegan wines – but then they do not offer any!

It is possible that the supermarkets simply do not label their wines clearly enough. If that is the case, they should stop being so lazy and label vegan wine as such.

Supermarkets – In Store

From visits to the stores themselves we can see that some supermarkets take the effort to label vegan wines in store. We congratulate those that provide clear in store information, however would ask why they do not bother online: they have the information but do not use it. The Co-op remains the best for vegan wines in store but not online.

Further information: we understand that many of the supermarkets, including Asda do have lists of their wines suitable for vegans available on request.

Additives in Wine

Bio-Dynamic Wine

Low Sulphur Wine

Organic Wine

Our 2012 survey of vegan wines in supermarkets remains available. Unfortunately there does not seem to be much change in the two years after that.

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