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Vegan Wine at Tesco

In June 2014, we checked out what vegan wines supermarkets offer online. We fully acknowledge the information may change day by day. We also accept that some samples taken are a bit crude, but in our view if the supermarket websites can not be bothered to make it easy for vegans why should we give them credit.  We would welcome your comments or the supermarkets themselves if it is felt that any of the information presented is inaccurate.Vegan Wine at Tesco

Vegan Wine at Tesco

Vegan wine is easier to find on some supermarket websites than others. We initially thought that Vegan Wine at Tesco online was easily found using their keyword search box. Once we hit search though, it was then disappointing to see so few vegan wines at Tesco: some days we found just 2 wines, on another day 8. The results did not make the search any easier: there were several vegan wine vinegars listed and we are not sure why the list was headed up by lazy garlic.

We then tried the Tesco Wine website. After a bit of exploring we found that by selecting say “red wine” or even “all wine” and scrolling down you could filter the selection by dietary requirements. At last, the information and selection of Vegan Wine at Tesco – but using this search/ filter we were only offered two vegan wines one day and four the next visit

All in all a poor experience when searching online for Vegan Wine at Tesco. We felt that their strap line of “Every Little Helps” was stretching things a bit on this.

It is possible that the supermarkets simply do not label their wines clearly enough. If that is the case, they should stop being so lazy and label vegan wine as such.

From visits to stores themselves we can see some effort to label vegan wines in Tesco. Additionally, you can request a list of products that are suitable for vegans. The list we saw had 136 Vegan Wines at Tesco, out of their full range of some 1200 wines – so about 12% of their wines: not great!

We congratulate those supermarkets that provide clear in store information, Tesco seems to make a token effort but then “Every Little Helps” so we should not be ungrateful. However it seems they have the information on vegan wines so would ask why they do not bother online.

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