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Supermarket Vegan Wine

We have now completed our 2014 survey of online supermarket vegan wine. Even supermarkets such as the Co-op, Sainsburys and M&S continue to disappoint online. We all know that they have the information available and sell vegan wines. In our first survey, in 2012 we concluded that supermarkets are excellent at marketing themselves and their products, but do not make it easy to find supermarket vegan wine online.

In 2014 we were optimistic that the  newer entrants to the market might offer more. We looked for vegan wines at Lidl and Aldi online but without success.

Some supermarkets claim a good selection of vegan wines in store. We also know that supermarkets will supply lists of vegan wines, on request – is that really good enough? We think that once you know where to look in  store it might be obvious enough. Some supermarkets say that their own label wines state whether they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. With own label wines only forming a small proportion of the wines they sell it is not as helpful as it sounds.

At Vegan Wines we have checked out random samples from each supermarkets’ websites for Supermarket vegan wine. Our conclusion is that they do not make it as easy as it should be for vegans. Those supermarkets with a reasonable proportion of vegan wines make it difficult to find them. Others just seem to have a tiny number identified as vegan: when you search for vegan wine on the Tesco site, one red and one white wine is shown – a bit of an insult really.

Survey of Supermarket Vegan Wine

All in all, we are poorly served for supermarket vegan wine. We can only say: buy your vegan wine from a specialist. Okay, that is easy for us to say and it is made easier when we review supermarket websites!

Supermarket Vegan Wine: Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA, M & S, Co-op
Vegan Wine in Supermarkets

Over the summer, we intend to review each supermarket individually in more detail – watch this space. Please send in your comments, good and bad.

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