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Vegan Wine at Sainsburys

We recently checked out what Vegan Wines supermarkets offer online. We accept the information may change day by day and our sampling limited. If the supermarket websites do not make it easy for vegans how can they expect us to make the effort.  We would welcome comments from vegan friends or from the supermarkets themselves if it is felt that any of the information presented is inaccurate.

Vegan Wines at Sainsburys supermarketsVegan Wine at Sainsburys

Vegan wine is easier to find on some supermarket websites than others. We thought that Vegan Wine at Sainsbury’s online would be a rewarding experience: after all they are one of the better supermarkets for vegans in store. There is however no filter on the wine section to allow Vegan Wines to be selected.

When using their standard search facility 183 wines for vegans appeared. These 183 apparently Vegan Wines at Sainsburys were out of a total of some 750 they stock, so about 24%. From here we reviewed a further selection. Some said in the dietary section of the individual wines that they were suitable for vegans but then some did not have this statement. We were therefore unsure what to believe, in our main survey we only included those with the statement: our sample showed just 14% being suitable for vegans.

It was a rather disappointing experience when searching online for Vegan Wine at Sainsburys.

It is possible that the supermarkets simply do not label their wines clearly enough. If that is the case, they should stop being so lazy and label vegan wine as such.

From visits to stores themselves we can see a reasonable effort to label Vegan Wines at Sainsburys. They certainly seem to be more vegan-friendly than some supermarkets. Additionally, you can request a list of products that are suitable for vegans.

We congratulate those supermarkets that provide clear in store information, Sainsbury’s seem to go quite a long way but the extra mile seems to allude them. It seems they have the information on vegan wines so we would ask why they do not bother online.

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