Fond Croze Confidence Red


Good aromatic complexity; notes of black fruits emerge once aired.

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Fond Croze Confidence Red

Fond Croze Confidence Red is also known by its full name Côtes du Rhône Rouge “Confidence”, Domaine Fond Croze.

This organic wine is a brilliant dark garnet colour with purple highlights. There is good aromatic complexity to the wine and notes of blackberry and blackcurrant emerge once aired. The soft and silky taninns give a lovely spicy finish.

Domaine Fond Croze is the result of the work of three generations. After the World War I, Charles acquired the scrub land and subsequently the two brothers and the Father gave birth to the Domaine Fond Croze and construction of the cellar in 1997. In 2009 the winery converted to organic farming.

The vineyard now occupies an area of 64 hectares; the average age of the vine is 35 years. The hillside slopes are made up of stony red soil which extend down to the pebble banks of the river Aygues.

Grower: Domaine Fond Croze

Ageing: will easily keep for 5 years.

Serve at 16 to 18°C.

No animal products are used in making this wine: this is the case with all wines on our website. This is not the case with so many wines that are commonly on sale in the UK. Far too many wines have animal products used as a so-called production aid; they will often have a large array of chemical additives as well. Have a look at our page on additives allowed in wines. Many vegan wines are also organic or better still bio-dynamically grown. The care taken in growing the grapes and making the wine comes through in the taste of the final product. This is a vegan wine.

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