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Your affiliate URL:


In each of the codes shown below you will see your affiliate URL – this is used for tracking visitors and crediting you with commission.

Text Link

Copy and paste this code to embed your affiliate link into your site: <a href="[affiliates_url]">Vegan Wines Online</a>

Tip: You can change the text “Vegan Wines Online” to something that you feel is more attractive.

Banner Link

Or to display one of the banners, copy and paste the code beneath your chosen banner:

Banner 1:

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”570″ /]

Use this code to embed it in your site: [affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”570″ render=”code” /]

Banner 2:

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”569″ /]

Use this code to embed it in your site:

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”569″ render=”code” /]

Banner 3:

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”568″ /]

Use this code to embed it in your site: [affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”568″ render=”code” /]

If you would like to use your own image as a banner ad, either amend the coding as appropriate or e-mail, via Contact Us, the image to us. Either way we reserve the right to disallow use of the image for this purpose.

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