Heritage Malbec, Chateau du Cedre


Lovely complex aromas of plums, cherries and white pepper. Full of blueberry and passion fruit flavours.

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Heritage Malbec, Château du Cèdre

Heritage Malbec, Château du Cèdre is almost inky-black in the glass. There are lovely complex aromas of plums, cherries and white pepper. Produced from Malbec grapes from the Côtes du Lot area of Gascony, this wine is full of blueberry and passion fruit flavours with a spicy backbone. Medium to full-bodied in texture with a good firm tannic structure.

The Verhaeghe family have been making wine in the Lot since the 1950s. Today it is Pascal and Jean-Marc in charge of this certified organic domaine. They own three parcels of vineyards, the largest of which is 12.5 acres with stony calcareous clay called Tran, which plays an important role retaining heat and moisture. Pascal and Jean-Marc Verhaeghe produce excellent Malbec from these established vineyards. Drawing on his winemaking experience from California to Burgundy, Pascal delicately chisels wines of great elegance, rounding them off with judicious aging in new oak barriques. This is a fresh and enlivening organic Cahors, with generous flavours and made from a blend of 95% Malbec and 5% Merlot grapes.

Grower: Château du Cèdre

Serve at 16°-18°C.

As with all wines on this website, this wine has been made without animal products. This is not the case with so many wines that are commonly on sale in the UK. Far too many wines have animal products used as a so-called production aid; they will often have a large array of chemical additives as well. Have a look at our page on additives allowed in wines. Many vegan wines are also organic or better still bio-dynamically grown. The care taken in growing the grapes and making the wine comes through in the taste of the final product. This is a vegan wine.

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