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We only sell Vegan Wine and most of our wines are certified organic. We have selected almost 100 delicious vegan wines for you to choose from, with more new wines to be listed very soon. You can be sure that no animal products have been used to make our vegan wines; unlike so many other wines that unfortunately use such products.

Vintages are indicative only: we will always try to deliver the vintage advertised but may need to substitute with another. If your order is dependant on the vintage please state this in the comment field and we will then only deliver the wine if that vintage is available.

Vegan Wine – Recently Added

We are constantly amazed how many of our Veggie and Vegan friends think that wine is simply fermented grape juice. Many ask, how can wine not be vegan wine?

For more of the horrible additives and details of what can be used in so-called conventional wines check out our page on additives in wines. There are unfortunately many animal products that are used to make wine; these can and should be avoided. The main stage when these are used is the fining or clarification process, this can easily be done without using animal products.


Mix n’ Match a case – minimum order 12 bottles. Standard delivery charge £8.95; free delivery on orders over £250 (restrictions apply eg Highlands + Islands). Easy Returns Policy – shop for wine online with confidence.

The Environment

We care about the environment as well as animals. The majority of the wines we offer are also certified Organic or Bio-Dynamic Wines. If not certified organic, the producers still care about the environment: they either do not care for the bureaucracy or the costs involved, or both. Whether certified organic, bio-dynamic or not you can be sure that all the wines featured here are Vegan Wines.

Please tell your vegan friends about us.

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