Lascaux Cavalier Sauvignon Blanc


A wonderful aromatic wine. Citrus fruits and grapefruit on the nose; a fresh, aromatic feel in the mouth underpinned by a tingling acidity.

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Lascaux Cavalier Sauvignon Blanc

Lascaux Cavalier Sauvignon Blanc is a wonderful aromatic wine. There are citrus fruits and grapefruit on the nose; followed by a fresh, aromatic feel in the mouth underpinned by a tingling acidity.

Although referred to as Lascaux Cavalier Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is in fact made of a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Roussanne and Marsanne grapes.

The vineyards of Château de Lascaux have been in the same family for thirteen generations. The name “Lascaux” comes from a limestone specific to the site. With 20 hectares in 1984, it now covers almost 85 hectares of vines surrounded by 300 hectares of scrub land. The vineyard is fully integrated with the rich natural environment and giving it diversity of expression. All this gives the quality and originality that make the reputation of Château de Lascaux.

The vines have been harvested around the Pic Saint Loup since Roman times, as in most of the Languedoc region. The fall of the Roman Empire led to the decline of the Languedoc vineyards, until the Middle Ages. The Languedoc enjoys a cool Mediterranean climate, with significant rainfall (900 mm per year), contrasting temperatures and distinct seasons. The temperature ranges between day and night is important for the best growing conditions. The reliefs in the scrub land mitigate the effects of the Mistral and winds from the south.

Lascaux Cavalier Sauvignon Blanc

As with all wines on this website, this wine is made without animal products. This is not the case with so many wines that are commonly on sale in the UK. Far too many wines have animal products used as a so-called production aid and will often have a large array of chemical additives as well. Have a look at our page on additives allowed in wines. Many vegan wines are also organic or better still bio-dynamically grown. The care taken in growing the grapes and making the wine comes through in the taste of the final product. This is a vegan wine.

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