Campaucels Jean le Blanc


Flavours of lemon, lime and grapefruit; notes of hawthorn and acacia. So fresh in the mouth it is almost nervous.

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Campaucels Jean le Blanc

Campaucels Jean le Blanc is also known by its fuller name Picpoul de Pinet “Jean le Blanc”, Domaine de Campaucels. This wine is an almost yellow green colour. There are flavours of yellow and green citrus: lemon, lime and grapefruit; notes of hawthorn and acacia. It is so fresh in the mouth, it is almost nervous.

Only 1 hectare of organically grown vines produce the annual 6000 bottles of this very beautiful AOC Picpoul de Pinet. Campaucels Jean le Blanc is a rare wine that we would really recommend trying.

Cathy Do created her 12-hectare estate next door in Montagnac. The vineyard is made up of young vines, currently up to just 10 years old. There are no less than 13 grape varieties. She named her wines after the names of the migratory birds that stop on her “Field of the Birds” within her zone “Natura 2000”.

Campaucels in Occitan, extends over the scrub lands of the Natura 2000 area “Montagnac-Villeveyrac” special birds. The tribe elders way back in the 13th century perfectly named this place: it is still and always a refuge for nesting birds. To preserve the extraordinary biodiversity of this habitat, Cathy Do considers that it is imperative to work this land using organic farming techniques. She wants to work the seasons, without disturbing the balance of life and nature.

Picpoul de Pinet “Jean le Blanc”, Domaine de Campaucels

Grower: Domaine de Campaucels.

Ageing: drink in the next 3 years.

Serve at 8-10 ° C

No animal products are used in making this wine: this is the case with all wines on our website. This is not the case with so many wines that are commonly on sale in the UK. Far too many wines have animal products used as a so-called production aid; they will often have a large array of chemical additives as well. Have a look at our page on additives allowed in wines. Many vegan wines are also organic or better still bio-dynamically grown. The care taken in growing the grapes and making the wine comes through in the taste of the final product. This is a vegan wine.

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