Azan Tempranillo


A lovely ruby red colour with purple hints; aromas of red berry fruits; rich and fruity to taste with a touch of oak.

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Azan Tempranillo

Azan Tempranillo is a lovely ruby red colour with purple hints. There are beautiful aromas of red berry fruits and it is rich and fruity to taste with a hint of oak. The finish is long and so delicious!

In 1954, a group of enterprising wine growers founded San Isidro Cooperative in the Castilla La Mancha region of Spain. In 2007, San Isidro, with more than 50 years of experience and great team work developed into Bodegas Latúe. Bodegas Latúe exists through the dedicated hard work of 600 experienced vine growers that have developed, nurtured and harvested vines for over three generations. It is surrounded by a great landscape of vineyards continuously evolving that maintains an annual natural growth progress. Located in an unusual place on the banks of the Gigüela’s in the heart of La Mancha, the special climate conditions of this zone are perfect for its wines.

The grapes are cultivated in organically certified vineyards, so without the use of chemicals or pesticides. The natural environment provides the perfect conditions for wine growing. The Mediterranean climate with warm summers, cold winters and a low rainfall together with limestone-clay grounds enriches the soil and environment are perfect for the Azan Tempranillo grapes. The latest technology is used, when the wine is filtered and stabilized, it is stored in constant and controlled temperature.

Matches: pasta, tapas.

Serve at 14 – 16°C, or even warmer: the grower recommends 20°C.

Azan Tempranillo

As with all wines on this website, this wine is made without animal products. This is not the case with so many wines that are commonly on sale in the UK. Far too many wines have animal products used as a so-called production aid; they will often have a large array of chemical additives as well. Have a look at our page on additives allowed in wines. Many vegan wines are also organic or better still bio-dynamically grown. The care taken in growing the grapes and making the wine comes through in the taste of the final product. This is a vegan wine.

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